Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hey all, I finally got my official website up and running...kind of. Point being, I will be blogging on that site. It is Just click on the blog link. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Done, done, and done!

Sorry for the slow week of posting. I have been preoccupied with finals, which are finally done. Phew! If I haven't learned anything else in's possible to procrastinate everything, and I meant everything, til the last minute and still get decent grades. Yea for me.
Now that school is out the real fun begins and everyone of you better be praying for snow.
We went out and took some pictures of the kids today. It was a blast and I think they actually had fun for once. We bribed them with ice cream...which is amazing that it worked because it was freezing out. Anyway, a few of my favorites are at the top.
Speaking of photo stuff. I was an intern at a wedding this past weekend. It was amazing and also freezing. Things turned very well even with the challenges we had. My friend Terra was nicest to let me tag along. You can see some of the pics on her website, Just go to the blog part and it is the last wedding on there. Hopefully I will be able to more with her, I learned a lot. Hopefully, next time I will be able feel my face when we are down.
Until next time...screw school (and pray for snow).

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Long live neon!

I post this blog today with the intentions of it sticking around long enough for my kids to read in, oh, about 10 years.  That should give them long enough to be mad at the way we let them dress when they were younger. Let me explain.
Last night I decide I should do something somewhat productive.  So I work my way, slowly, down the hall to the bedroom to tackle the every growing pile of clean clothes that somehow never make it to their rightful homes.  I embarked on this journey of laundry folding only to realize that my kids are wearing the same clothes we did 15 years ago.  Not kidding.  They are wearing things I swore off before junior high.
So Maelan, yep, she has a complete arsenal of stretch pants.  These things were it back when I was kid.  Until junior high came around then no one wore stretch pants...except maybe my sister (sorry Loni, you know its true.  You loved your stretch pants).  My little girl must have at least one of every color.
Dawson, he's seven and into his muscles...and muscle shirts.  Yea know the ones that you wear when your too chicken to wear a real tank top, but really want to show a little bit more of them pythons.  Yep, he's got several.  No wonder he's always flexing.
The sad thing about all this, besides the fact that our children are destined for the same fashion doom that I was, is that my wife and I have purchased all these clothes for them fully knowing what we are doing.  I am sure there will be some sort of back lash for this in the future and when the time comes I must remember that I am fully deserving of all I get.  No parent in their right mind would allow their child, or two in our case, to make such mistakes.  
So, to the Dawson and Maelan of 10 years from now, I am truly SORRY.  Never again will I allow you to wear such clothing.

On a side note I learned something else about laundry last is much easier with a little bit of rock-n-roll.  

On another side note the pictures at the top have absolutely nothing to do with anything.  I just felt that I should post some pics.  So here are some random pics from the last month or two.  Dawson on his skateboard and Maelan in her coat.  

I must go now and put on my flannel shirt and roll my pants tight around my ankles...for old time sake.  Long live Neon.

Friday, December 05, 2008

I found a small piece of my mouth.

It's Friday night and like most people I'm at work. Oh wait, I think I have that backwards. Normal people don't work all night on the weekend do they? However, I am not here to complain. I am here with an announcement. Like the majority of the people in the world I am on a constant quest to find Heaven, be it spiritually or an earthly retreat. Well, I am happy to announce that today I found a small piece of heaven. In my mouth. The great news is that you to can find this small bit of heaven as well. You just have make the trek to Wendy's (shoes optional). Once there pay your homage to Dave and then order a Frosty Float.

These things are amazing. It's a frothy goodness that can't be beat. You see a frosty is not real ice cream. It is something different and alone it falls into a lesser category than the real dairy product. However, you mix this stuff with a tasty beverage, such as root beer, and BANG, Heaven in your mouth. I'm not saying to sacrifice your only child for this (maybe if you have two you could offer one of them) or walk thousands of miles barefoot (although, this would be a refreshing treat after a long walk) for one of these. I am just saying that I think that this could really be a spiritual experience for you.

By the way if anyone knows the secret chemical combination to make a Frosty let me know.

Until next time...See you at Wendy's

Thursday, December 04, 2008

MC Detroit

If you are one of the three people that read my blog then you probably know that I love to take pictures and on occasion will take a little photo adventure. Well, today happened to turn into one those adventures. I left school a little early and headed out to the grand metropolis of Salt Lake City for the always cool down town pictures.

Things started out as normal. Me snapping pictures here and there, wandering around like I'm lost. Getting funny looks from people as I stare at shiny things and broken buildings. The first hour continued this way, then the adventure started. I met MC Detroit (not his real name, I don't remember that, but this name stuck). Mind you, this isn't my first go round with a homeless man. As a matter of fact I am kind of known for taking pictures of the less fortunate. But, nothing like this has ever happened to me before. To the best of my memory it went something like this:

MC: Hey, wanna take a picture of me?
Me: Sure, I would love to.
MC: What are you taking pictures of?
Me: Oh, anything really (as I snap a few pics of him sitting on the edge of a cement flower box)
Me: Where you from?
MC: Detroit.
Me: What brought you to Utah?
MC: I don't know. Hey how fast is that Camera?
Me: Oh, I don't know. Pretty fast.
MC: Sweet, I'm gonna break dance for ya!

So the saga began.

MC Detroit busted out the moves right then and there, no shame.

The amazing thing you might ask? Well, there were two. First, he was actually really good. Second, he did the whole thing without spilling a drip of his V8 drink (another amazing fact is that it was V8 and not something a little more popular in the homeless crowd).

In my photography adventures in the downtown area I have met drug dealers, drunks, super nice people, and even a psychic once.

But, I have to admit I have never met a break dancer. At least not one that was as eager to bust a move for me as MC Detroit was.

So if you are ever in down town Salt Lake and meet a break dancing hobo, tell MC Detroit hi for me.
I was also able to snap a few pics of things you might normally see in a city. I have posted them below (except the crazy tree one at the top, who would have thought you would get a cool tree pic in the middle of down town). Most of all it was fun to get out and push the shutter button a few times.

By the way, I also met this guy, who was super nice. Apparently a little shy though, when I asked him to break dance for me he wouldn't.
Until next time....BUST A MOVE!